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Published: 22nd December 2009
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Pune, the educational and cultural capital of Maharashtra is blessed with great natural beauty and pleasant climate. It is located amidst small undulating hills coupled with meandering rivers and picturesque backwaters. Thus, there are numerous places of interest in and around Pune city that attract plenty of visitors every year.

Pune has a long history and was the bastion of the great Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and the subsequent Peshwa rulers. The area around Pune has many forts that provide a glimpse of the bygone era. Some of the iconic forts near Pune include Sinhagad, Purandar, Lohgad, Shivneri, Torna and Rajgad. These are great historic monuments and are located at vantage points from where one can enjoy a beautiful bird's eye view of the Deccan plateau below.

Apart from the forts, there are some beautiful tourist spots that attract visitors. Prominent among them include hill stations like Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani. These are extremely popular and people throng them to enjoy the scenic views of the Sahyadri Mountains and the lovely climate.

There are some rich forest areas with amazing biodiversity in places like Bhimashankar and Mulshi. These areas have pristine evergreen forests rich in various species of birds, animals and plants.
Several rivers originate in and around Pune like the Mula, Mutha, Pavana and Bhima. Many dams have been built on these rivers creating huge backwaters that add to the beauty of the region. Some of the prominent dams include Khadakwasla, Panshet, Pavana and Varasgaon that frequented by visitors.

These are just a few of the popular picnic locations around Pune. However, enthusiastic travelers can explore several hidden spots in
the hills and plains around Pune, India and enjoy the serene beauty of the place.

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